Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Interrupt Your Day.......

If your going to get to know me and follow my blog, I should tell you this up front.  I watch daytime TV.  Some of you might do the same, Oprah, The View, the News then the Soaps. I keep track of the ABC soaps and the Young and The Restless.  Even if I don't watch them, the TV is on and they are playing in the background while I knit. I think the reason I am a little out of sorts today is for the last 2 days, the networks keep interrupting my regular schedule with their not so breaking news.  It snowed alot, okay a blizzard and it's cold.  Very, Very, cold.  But do they really need to keep telling me. Honestly, If I'm home, I'm not out there dealing with the elements.  And if I'm outside, I can't watch the TV and hear what they have to say about. In the meantime, I find it very hard to get anything done and I hardly know what time it is without my shows on.  Give us the news in the morning and then keep with your regular scheduled programming so I can keep to my regular schedule.  Phew, thanks for letting me vent. maybe now I can get back to knitting.  Has your daily schedule been interrupted by this storm?


  1. You are so funny. The woman who bagged my groceries at OUR dominicks yesterday was wailing about how her ALL mY CHILDREN and other shows were interrupted with the storm. YOU are not alone.

    See , blogging makes you feel very normal and loved

  2. I am always amazed how often they break into regular programming here. Sheesh -- they have news from 4PM until 7PM --- isn't that enough time.

    I can understand if a tornado is barreling through town, but one strike of lightning and the weatherguy is off interupting.


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