Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How come I have no knitting done....

Sometimes I feel like I get nothing accomplished because nothing seems to get finished and when it does it is slightly uneventful as I have been working on it for so long. The actual time on a project is not long but, I jump from one project to the next so often that they stay on the needles for months. So, what have I been doing with my time. 

There are the things to do while resting from knitting.  Just made a run to the bookstore and bought the new issues of Knitting Traditions and Piecework.  I love to read about the history of knitting and look at the old patterns from around the world.  Of course doing this gets me thinking about new projects instead of working on the current ones.

 I've also been knitting a pattern for a baby sweater that my grandmother wrote.  The sweater is simple, athe body is all on piece and you pick up stitches to add sleeves. The pattern is clearly just scribbled and guesses are to be made.  She new the pattern by heart and wrote it for someone else to use but at some points in the pattern the directions conflict for example when you start working on the front, you work on the right side firts.  I started with 21 stitches on the needle.  the pattern knit across row to last 5 stiches do a bar increase to make and eyelet.  Continue, increasing on each knit row until you have 12 eyelet, making 30 stitches on the needle.  Adding 12 to the exsisting 21 does not make 30.  Thats okay, I just added 9 eyelets to equal 30 stitches.  I continue through the pattern and start working the other front side.  I do the increases (I'll make 9 eyelets)  and start to notice that the sweater fronts aren't wide enough to meet up and button. Drats,  I will now be frogging the sweater back to the neck line.  I will then add 12 eyelets which will give me 33 stitches on the needle and my fronts will be able to button. 

I have to admit, it is fun doing this pattern and trying to decide what grandma is saying. I had 50/50 shot that increase to 30 stitches would have been correct.  No matter how you look at it I still have the fun of have needles and yarn in my hands...........I just don't have any finishd projects to show.  So what you see today.  The magazines I'm reading and the sweater I'll be frogging.   What keeps you from finishing a project?

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  1. Well You must write that Grandma pattern up for us........it is too precious a thing not to do.
    What keeps me from knitting...HA! Not much. I usually knit the most in the afternoons and evenings for sure. Work keeps me from knitting...but the rest of the week....ahhhh is mine. Also if I am waiting for pattern instructions......jUST kidding teach.
    Blogging keeps me from knitting, but I love it almost as much so I think of blogging as knitting anyhow.....just a different finger workout...


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